BigAnimal free trial

EDB offers a 14-day free trial for anyone interested in exploring BigAnimal and its capabilities. The BigAnimal free trial functions like the full-featured BigAnimal so you can get a feel for what to expect.

To get the most out of the free trial quickly, see Quick start for the BigAnimal free trial.

How to start your free trial

You can request a BigAnimal free trial from several locations:

What you can do with your free trial

  • The free trial lasts for 14 days. The count begins when you provision a cluster.

  • You can provision a single cluster using either PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server:

    Cluster DetailsOn AzureOn AWS
    RegionEither US East 2 or West Europe (Netherlands)Either US-East 1 (N. Virginia) or EU-West-1 (Ireland)
    Instance TypeEsv3 series 2 vCPU with 16 GB RAMr5.large
    StoragePremium SSD disks P1 4GiAWS GP3 Volume, disk size 4
    • Numerous other instance types, storage types, and regions are available with a paid account.

    • If you delete your cluster within the 14 day trial period, you can restore that cluster or create a new one.

    • You can try out a different cloud provider by creating, using, and then deleting your cluster on one provider and then provisioning a new cluster using the other provider within the same 14 day trial period.

  • During the trial, you have access to EDB enterprise-level support.

  • You can connect to your database cluster.

  • You can edit the database configuration for a cluster and view the activity log for the service.

  • You get an understanding of what account management looks like in BigAnimal.

What you can’t do

Since this is a free trial, there are a few nuances and limitations to what you can do with a free account:

  • You cannot invite team members to join your cluster or assign roles in the free trial. Other team members should create their own free trial account to explore BigAnimal.

  • The BigAnimal Free Trial interface notes which features are not available in the free trial. No private networking or superuser access is available in the trial. High availability, logging, monitoring, and performance benchmarking are also not available.

What happens when the free trial ends

Within the BigAnimal Free Trial interface, a countdown displays the time remaining for your free trial.

When the free trial ends, your account continues to exist but your cluster and its backup and data are deleted. You cannot transfer your cluster from the free trial to a paid account. Your free trial account is separate from a paid BigAnimal account.