EDB Postgres AI overview - Concepts

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EDB Postgres® AI takes EDB's leading expertise in Postgres and expands the scope of Postgres to address modern challenges. From simplifying your database estate management to infusing AI deep into Postgres and putting it to work to bring all your data under one analytical eye.

EDB Postgres AI is composed of multiple elements which come together to deliver a unified and powerful experience:

EDB Postgres AI - Console

  • Providing the single pane of glass onto all your EDB Postgres AI operations, Console is there to manage your database landscape.
    • Hybrid estate management

      • EDB Postgres AI Cloud databases are automatically managed on the Console.
    • EDB Postgres AI Agent

      • On premises databases can be brought under one manageable Console view with the Agent enabling an unprecedented view of diverse deployments.

EDB Postgres AI - Databases

  • All of EDB's database expertise can be found in EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Extended Server.
  • Oracle compatibility, transparent data encryption and more. They provide the data fabric on which EDB Postgres AI operates.
  • Combined with EDB Postgres Distributed, they can also provide a high availability environment for your data.
  • All of these components are available on the EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service, and managed through the EDB Postgres AI Console.
    • EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Extended Server

      • EDB Postgres Advanced Server and EDB Postgres Extended Server both provide mission critical capabilities for your data, with EDB Postgres Advanced Server also providing Oracle compatibility.
    • EDB Postgres Distributed

      • High availability with an active-active mesh of Postgres instances, EDB Postgres Distributed provides a robust and scalable environment for your data.
    • EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service

      • Not just databases, but driven by databases, Cloud Service provides a global platform for delivering new elements of EDB Postgres AI efficiently and effectively.

EDB Postgres AI - Lakehouse analytics

  • Filtering out the data noise and revealing insights and value, Lakehouse analytics brings both structured relational data in Postgres and unstructured data in object storage together for exploration. At the heart of Analytics is a custom built store for this data:
  • Built to bring structured and unstructured data together, Lakehouse nodes support numerous formats to bring your data in from the cold, ready to be analyzed.

EDB Postgres AI - AI/ML

  • Postgres has proven its capability as a flexible data environment, and Vector data, the core of generative AI, is already infused into EDB Postgres AI providing a platform for a range of practical and effective AI/ML solutions. A technical preview of this capability is available for the pgai extension.

EDB Postgres AI - Platforms and tools

  • Postgres extensions are a source of its power and popularity, and are one of the categories that fall within this element of EDB Postgres AI.
  • Extensions sit alongside existing applications like Postgres Enterprise Manager, Barman, and Query Advisor as tools that allow you to leverage Postgres's capabilities.
  • Also within this element are EDB's Migration tools, Migration Toolkit and Migration Portal. The Migration Portal is among the first EDB tools to include embedded AI with an AI copilot that can assist users in developing migration strategies.

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