Postgres Plus Advanced Server Performance Features Guide : 2.1 Installing Infinite Cache

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2.1 Installing Infinite Cache

Postgres Plus Advanced Server includes Infinite Cache functionality as part of a standard installation on a Linux system. The Advanced Server installation wizard can optionally install only the Infinite Cache daemon on supporting cache servers without installing Advanced Server.

To install Advanced Server with Infinite Cache functionality, confirm that the box next to the Database Server option (located on the Setup: Select Components window, shown in Figure 1.3) is selected when running the installation wizard.

Figure 1.3: The Setup: Select Components window.

Selecting the Database Server option installs the following Infinite Cache options:


    edb-icache-warm is a command line tool that allows you to pre-load the cache servers.

    ● The edb_icache libraries

    The code library required by the edb-icache daemon.

The installation wizard can selectively install only the Infinite Cache daemon on a cache server. To install the edb-icache daemon on a cache server, deploy the installation wizard on the Linux machine hosting the cache; when the Setup: Select Components window opens, de-select all options except Infinite Cache Daemon (as shown in Figure 1.4).

Figure 1.4: Installing only the Infinite Cache Daemon.

The Infinite Cache Daemon option installs the following:


    edb-icache is the Infinite Cache daemon.


    edb-icache-tool provides a command line interface that returns statistical information about the cache server.

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