Postgres Plus xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master User's Guide :

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Postgres Plus Advanced Server xDB Replication Server User's Guide


3 Installation

This chapter describes how to install xDB Replication Server.

Installation of xDB Replication Server is done with Stack Builder or StackBuilder Plus depending upon whether you are using PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

    For PostgreSQL. Install xDB Replication Server from the Postgres Plus Solution Pack using Stack Builder after you have installed PostgreSQL.

    For Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Install xDB Replication Server using StackBuilder Plus after you have installed Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

The following section describes the installation of xDB Replication Server.

Note: If you have an older version of xDB Replication Server and existing single-master replication systems, review Section 9.2 before installing xDB Replication Server with Multi-Master.

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