Resource Usage / EDB Resource Manager v10

The configuration parameters in this section control resource usage through EDB Resource Manager.


Parameter Type: Integer

Default Value: 16

Range: 0 to 65536

Minimum Scope of Effect: Cluster

When Value Changes Take Effect: Restart

Required Authorization to Activate: EPAS service account

This parameter controls the maximum number of resource groups that can be used simultaneously by EDB Resource Manager. More resource groups can be created than the value specified by edb_max_resource_groups, however, the number of resource groups in active use by processes in these groups cannot exceed this value.

Parameter edb_max_resource_groups should be set comfortably larger than the number of groups you expect to maintain so as not to run out.


Parameter Type: String

Default Value: none

Range: n/a

Minimum Scope of Effect: Per session

When Value Changes Take Effect: Immediate

Required Authorization to Activate: Session user

Set the edb_resource_group parameter to the name of the resource group to which the current session is to be controlled by EDB Resource Manager according to the group’s resource type settings.

If the parameter is not set, then the current session does not utilize EDB Resource Manager.