Client Connection Defaults / Statement Behavior v10

This section describes configuration parameters affecting statement behavior.


Parameter Type: Integer

Default Value: 100

Range: 10 to 100

Minimum Scope of Effect: Per session

When Value Changes Take Effect: Immediate

Required Authorization to Activate: Session user

Sets the fillfactor for a table when the FILLFACTOR storage parameter is omitted from a CREATE TABLE command.

The fillfactor for a table is a percentage between 10 and 100. 100 (complete packing) is the default. When a smaller fillfactor is specified, INSERT operations pack table pages only to the indicated percentage; the remaining space on each page is reserved for updating rows on that page. This gives UPDATE a chance to place the updated copy of a row on the same page as the original, which is more efficient than placing it on a different page. For a table whose entries are never updated, complete packing is the best choice, but in heavily updated tables smaller fillfactors are appropriate.