Performing an Unattended Installation v10

To specify that the installer should run without user interaction, include the --mode unattended command line option. In unattended mode, the installer uses one of the following sources for configuration parameters:

  • command line options (specified when invoking the installer)
  • parameters specified in an option file
  • Advanced Server installation defaults

You can embed the non-interactive Advanced Server installer within another application installer; during the installation process, a progress bar allows the user to view the progression of the installation.

You must have administrative privileges to install Advanced Server using the --mode unattended option. If you are using the --mode unattended option to install Advanced Server with a client, the calling client must be invoked with superuser or administrative privileges.

To start the installer in unattended mode, navigate to the directory that contains the executable file, and enter:

edb-as10-server-10.x.x-x-windows-x64.exe --mode unattended
--superpassword database_superuser_password --
servicepassword system_password --webusername --webpassword edb_user_password

When invoking the installer, include the --servicepassword option to specify an operating system password for the user installing Advanced Server.

Use the --superpassword option to specify a password that conforms to the password security policies defined on the host; enforced password policies on your system may not accept the default password (enterprisedb).

Use the --webusername and --webpassword options to specify the identity of a registered EnterpriseDB user; if you do not have an account, you can create one at: