Managing an Advanced Server Installation v10

Unless otherwise noted, the commands and paths noted in the following section assume that you have performed an installation with the interactive installer.

Starting and Stopping Advanced Server and Supporting Components

A service is a program that runs in the background and requires no user interaction (in fact, a service provides no user interface); a service can be configured to start at boot time, or manually on demand. Services are best controlled using the platform-specific operating system service control utility. Many of the Advanced Server supporting components are services.

The following table lists the names of the services that control Advanced Server and services that control Advanced Server supporting components:

Advanced Server Component NameWindows Service Name
Advanced Serveredb-as-10
pgAgentEDB Postgres Advanced Server 10 Scheduling Agent

You can use the command line or the Windows Services applet to control Advanced Server's database server and the services of Advanced Server's supporting components on a Windows host.

using_the_windows_services_applet using_pg_ctl_to_control_advanced_server controlling_server_startup_behavior_on_windows