Using pg_ctl to Control Advanced Server v10

You can use the pg_ctl utility to control an Advanced Server service from the command line on any platform. pg_ctl allows you to start, stop, or restart the Advanced Server database server, reload the configuration parameters, or display the status of a running server. To invoke the utility, assume the identity of the cluster owner, navigate into the home directory of Advanced Server, and issue the command:

./bin/pg_ctl -D data_directory action


data_directory is the location of the data controlled by the Advanced Server cluster.


action specifies the action taken by the pg_ctl utility. Specify:

  • start to start the service.
  • stop to stop the service.
  • restart to stop and then start the service.
  • reload sends the server a SIGHUP signal, reloading configuration parameters
  • status to discover the current status of the service.

For more information about using the pg_ctl utility, or the command line options available, see the official PostgreSQL Core Documentation available at: