Configuring Advanced Server v10

You can easily update parameters that determine the behavior of Advanced Server and supporting components by modifying the following configuration files:

  • The postgresql.conf file determines the initial values of Advanced Server configuration parameters.
  • The pg_hba.conf file specifies your preferences for network authentication and authorization.
  • The pg_ident.conf file maps operating system identities (user names) to Advanced Server identities (roles) when using ident-based authentication.

For more information about Modifying the postgresql.conf file and Modifying the pg_hba.conf file, see the EDB Postgres Advanced Server Guide available from the EDB website at:

You can use your editor of choice to open a configuration file, or navigate through a menu to open the file. On a Windows system, a link to each configuration file is available on the Apps menu.

setting_advanced_server_environment_variables connecting_to_advanced_server_with_psql connecting_to_advanced_server_with_the_pgadmin_4_client