Upgrade Considerations v10

The following limitations apply to upgrading EDB Postgres Advanced Server:

  • The pg_upgrade utility cannot upgrade a partitioned table if a foreign key refers to the partitioned table.
  • If you are upgrading from the version 9.4 server or a lower version of Advanced Server, and you use partitioned tables that include a SUBPARTITION BY clause, you must use pg_dump and pg_restore to upgrade an existing Advanced Server installation to a later version of Advanced Server. To upgrade, you must:
    1. Use pg_dump to preserve the content of the subpartitioned table.
    2. Drop the table from the Advanced Server 9.4 database or a lower version of Advanced Server database.
    3. Use pg_upgrade to upgrade the rest of the Advanced Server database to a more recent version.
    4. Use pg_restore to restore the subpartitioned table to the latest upgraded Advanced Server database.