ECPGPlus v14

EDB has enhanced ECPG (the PostgreSQL pre-compiler) to create ECPGPlus. ECPGPlus allows you to include Pro*C compatible embedded SQL commands in C applications when connected to an EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EDB Postgres Advanced Server) database. When you use ECPGPlus to compile an application, the SQL code is syntax-checked and translated into C.

ECPGPlus supports:

  • Oracle Dynamic SQL – Method 4 (ODS-M4).
  • Pro*C compatible anonymous blocks.
  • A CALL statement compatible with Oracle databases.

As part of ECPGPlus's Pro*C compatibility, you don't need to include the BEGIN DECLARE SECTION and END DECLARE SECTION directives.

PostgreSQL compatibility

While most ECPGPlus statements work with community PostgreSQL, the CALL statement, and the EXECUTE…END EXEC statement work only when the client application is connected to EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

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