Index Advisor limitations v14

Index Advisor doesn't consider Index Only scans. It does consider Index scans when making recommendations.

Index Advisor ignores any computations found in the WHERE clause. Effectively, the index field in the recommendations isn't any kind of expression. The field is a simple column name.

Index Advisor doesn't consider inheritance when recommending hypothetical indexes. If a query references a parent table, Index Advisor doesn't make any index recommendations on child tables.

Suppose you're restoring a pg_dump backup file that includes the index_advisor_log table or any tables for which indexing recommendations were made and stored in the index_advisor_log table. Changes in object identifiers (OIDs) can result in "broken links" between the index_advisor_log table and the restored tables referenced by rows in the index_advisor_log table.

If you need to display the recommendations made prior to the backup, you can replace the old OIDs in the reloid column of the index_advisor_log table with the new OIDs of the referenced tables using the SQL UPDATE statement:

UPDATE index_advisor_log SET reloid = new_oid WHERE reloid = old_oid;