Release Notes v6.2

The EDB Postgres Replication Server documentation describes the latest version of EDB Postgres Replication Server 6.2 including minor releases and patches. The release notes in this section provide information on what was new in each release. For new functionality introduced in a minor or patch release, there are also indicators within the content about what release introduced the feature.

VersionRelease Date
6.2.192022 Dec 15
6.2.182022 Apr 05
6.2.172022 Mar 03
6.2.162021 Dec 09
6.2.152021 Aug 30
6.2.142021 May 27
6.2.132021 Feb 18
6.2.122020 Nov 16
6.2.112020 Aug 28
6.2.102020 Jun 11
6.2.92020 May 07

Installation and upgrade notes

To install Replication Server 6.2.x for the first time or to upgrade to the latest Replication Server 6.2.x release from an earlier Replication Server 6.2.x release using the EDB repository, you must use the --exclude edb-xdb option with the install or upgrade command. If the exclude option is not used, Replication Server version 7.x is installed.

To upgrade:

<package_manager> upgrade ppas-xdb* --exclude edb-xdb*

To do a fresh install:

<package_manager> install ppas-xdb --exclude edb-xdb

Where <package_manager> varies by operating system:

Package managerOperating system
dnfRHEL 8, OL 8, AlmaLinux 8, Rocky Linux 8
yumRHEL 7, OL 7, CentOS 7
aptDebian and Ubuntu