Installing v7

This section describes how to install and uninstall Replication Server.

The most common installation of Replication Server is done with the graphical user interface invoked by Stack Builder or StackBuilder Plus depending upon whether you are using PostgreSQL or Advanced Server. See Installing With Stack Builder or StackBuilder Plus for more information.

The Replication Server product is also available as a native package in which case the applicable package manager is used for installation. See Installing on Linux for platform specific installation instructions. Each Replication Server component is available as an individual RPM package. You can install all Replication Server components with a single install command, or you may choose to install selected, individual components by installing only those particular packages.

An interactive installer for Windows is available from the Downloads page.


If you have an older version of Replication Server and existing replication systems, review Section Upgrading to Replication Server 7.0 before installing Replication Server.

If you later decide you wish to remove Replication Server from your system see Uninstalling Replication Server.