Updating a subscription database v7

When you create a subscription database definition, you save the subscription database server’s network location (IP address and port number), the database identifier, a database login user name, and the user’s password in the control schema accessed by the subscription server. This login information is used whenever you need to start a session with the subscription database. See Adding a subscription database for information on creating a subscription database definition.

Update the subscription database login information stored in the control schema if any of these attributes of the physical database change.


Depending on the database type (Oracle, SQL Server, or Postgres), you must not change certain attributes. If you already added subscriptions, you must not change any attribute that alters access to the schema where the subscription tables were created.

Attributes you must not change if existing subscriptions include the following:

  • The Oracle login user name as the subscription tables already reside in this Oracle user’s schema
  • The database server network location if the new network location references a database server that doesn't access the database that already contains the subscription tables
  • The database identifier if the new database identifier references a different physical database from where the subscription tables already reside

With no existing subscriptions you can change any attribute. With existing subscriptions, you can change these attributes:

  • The login user name’s password to match a changed database user password
  • The database server network location if the corresponding location change was made to the database server that accesses the subscription database
  • The database identifier such as the Oracle service name, SQL Server database name, or Postgres database name if the corresponding name change was made on the database server
  1. Make sure the database server that you want to save as the subscription database definition is running and accepting client connections.

  2. Make sure the subscription server whose node is the parent of the subscription database definition you want to change is running and registered in the Replication Server console you are using. See Registering a subscription server for instructions on starting and registering a subscription server.

  3. Select the Subscription Database node corresponding to the subscription database definition that you want to update.

  4. Select Subscription > Subscription Database > Update Database.

  5. In the Update Database Source dialog box, enter your changes. See Step 3 of Adding a subscription database for the meanings of the fields.

  6. Select Test. When Test Result: Success appears, select OK and then select Save.

  7. Select Refresh in the tool bar to show the updated Subscription Database node and any of its subscriptions.