Updating a subscription v7

When you create a subscription, certain attributes of the subscribed publication are stored as part of the metadata for the subscription in the control schema. These include the following:

  • The network IP address of the host running the publication server that's the parent of the subscribed publication
  • The port number of the publication server

If these attributes of the publication server change in the replication system environment, then you must also change the corresponding subscription metadata so the subscription server can communicate with the correct publication server.

You can update the publication server network IP address and port number in the subscription server’s metadata.

  1. Make sure the subscription server whose node is the parent of the subscription you want to change is running and is registered in the Replication Server console. See Registering a subscription server for instructions on starting and registering a subscription server.

  2. Select the Subscription node whose attributes you want to update.

  3. Select Subscription > Update Subscription.

  4. If the publication server now runs on a host with a different IP address or port number from what is shown in the dialog box, enter the correct information in the Update Subscription dialog box. You must also enter the admin user name and password saved in the Replication Server configuration file that resides on the host on which the publication server is running.

  5. Select Update.

  6. When Subscription Updated Successfully appears, select OK.

  7. If the publication server with the new network location manages publications subscribed to by other subscriptions, repeat steps 1 through 5 for these other subscriptions.