Removing a subscription database v7

Removing a subscription database definition from Replication Server is equivalent to removing its Subscription Database node. Before you can remove a Subscription Database node, you must remove all subscriptions under that Subscription Database node. See Removing a subscription for details.

Removing a Subscription Database node doesn't delete the physical database from the database server. It removes the identity and association of the database to Replication Server. In this case, no further replications can create or update tables in the database unless there are other subscription database definitions in Replication Server with the same host and database identifier. You can remove the physical database only using the database management system’s database removal procedures.

  1. Make sure the subscription server whose node is the parent of the subscription database definition you want to remove is running and registered in the Replication Server console you are using. See Registering a subscription server for instructions on starting and registering a subscription server.

  2. Select the Subscription Database node that you want to remove.

  3. Select Subscription > Subscription Database > Remove Database.

  4. In the Remove Subscription Database confirmation box, select Yes.

The Subscription Database node no longer appears under the Subscription Server node.