Installing and Configuring the JDBC Connector v42.2.19.1

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This chapter describes how to install and configure the EDB JDBC Connector.

Before installing the EDB JDBC Connector, you must have Java installed on your system; you can download a Java installer that matches your environment from the Oracle Java Downloads website. Documentation that contains detailed installation instructions is available through the associated Installation Instruction links on the same page.

You can use the Advanced Server graphical installer or an RPM package to add the EDB JDBC Connector to your installation.

The following sections describe these installation methods.

installing_the_connector_with_an_rpm_package installing_the_connector_on_an_sles_12_host installing_a_deb_package_on_a_debian_or_ubuntu_host using_the_graphical_installer_to_install_the_connector configuring_the_advanced_server_jdbc_connector