EDB-ODBC Overview v13.0.0.1

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EDB ODBC is an interface that allows an ODBC compliant client application to connect to an Advanced Server database. The EDB-ODBC connector allows an application that was designed to work with other databases to run on Advanced Server; EDB ODBC provides a way for the client application to establish a connection, send queries and retrieve results from Advanced Server.

While EDB ODBC provides a level of application portability, it should be noted that the portability is limited; EDB ODBC provides a connection, but does not guarantee command compatibility. Commands that are acceptable in another database, may not work in Advanced Server.

The major components in a typical ODBC application are:

  • The client application - written in a language that has a binding for ODBC
  • The ODBC Administrator - handles named connections for Windows or Linux
  • The database specific ODBC driver - EDB ODBC
  • The ODBC compliant server - EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Client applications can be written in any language that has a binding for ODBC; C, MS-Access, and C++ are just a few.