Automatic Discovery of Servers v7

Use the Auto Discovery dialog to instruct a PEM agent to locate database servers that reside on a monitored system, and add a binding that allows the agent to monitor the selected server.

To enable auto discovery for a specific agent, you must enable the Server Auto Discovery probe. To access the Manage Probes tab, highlight the name of a PEM agent in the PEM client tree control, and select Manage Probes... from the Management menu. When the Manage Probes tab opens, confirm that the slider control in the Enabled? column is set to Yes.

To open the Auto Discovery dialog, highlight the name of a PEM agent in the PEM client tree control, and select Auto Discovery... from the Management menu.

Auto Discovery dialog

When the Auto Discovery dialog opens, the Discovered Database Servers box will display a list of servers that are not currently monitored by a PEM agent. Check the box next to a server name to display information about the server in the Server Connection Details box, and provide any missing information to bind the server to the currently selected agent in the Agent Connection Details box.

Use the Select All button to select the box next to all of the displayed servers, or Unselect All to unselect all of the boxes to the left of the server names.

The fields in the Server Connection Details box provide information about the server that PEM will monitor:

  • Accept or modify the name of the monitored server in the Name field. The specified name will be displayed in the tree control of the PEM client.
  • Use the Server group drop-down listbox to select the server group under which the server will be displayed in the PEM client tree control.
  • Use the Host name/address field to specify the IP address of the monitored server.
  • The Port field displays the port that is monitored by the server; this field may not be modified.
  • Provide the name of the service in the Service ID field. Please note that the service name must be provided to enable some PEM functionality.
  • By default, the Maintenance database field indicates that the selected server uses a postgres maintenance database. Customize the content of the Maintenance database field for your installation.

The fields in the Agent Connection Details box specify the properties that the PEM agent will use when connecting to the server:

  • The Host field displays the IP address that will be used for the PEM agent binding.
  • The Username field displays the name that will be used by the PEM agent when connecting to the selected server.
  • The Password field displays the password associated with the specified user name.
  • Use the drop-down listbox in the SSL mode field to specify your SSL connection preferences.

When you've finished specifying the connection properties for the servers that you are binding for monitoring, click the OK button to save the properties. Click Cancel to exit without preserving any changes.

Auto Discovery example

The dialog shown above displays the values required to bind an instance of Advanced Server for monitoring by PEM.