PEM Agent Self Registration v7

Each PEM agent must be registered with the PEM server. The registration process provides the PEM server with the information it needs to communicate with the agent. The PEM agent graphical installer supports agent self-registration, but you can use the pemworker utility to register the agent if you skip PEM agent registration during a graphical installation or use an RPM package to install a PEM agent.

The RPM installer places the PEM worker utility in the /usr/edb/pem/agent/bin directory. Use the following commands to register an agent:

  • On Linux: pemworker −−register-agent [register-options]
  • On Windows: pemworker.exe REGISTER [register-options]

The following information is required when registering an agent with the PEM Server; you will be prompted for information if it is not provided on the command line:

ParametersCommand-line optionsOptionalDescriptionDefault Value
PEM Database Server Host−−pem-server <hostname/address>NoAddress/Host name of the PEM database server
PEM Admin User−−pem-user <username>NoPEM Admin User to connect to the PEM database server.
PEM Database Server Port−−pem-port <port number>YesPort on which PEM database server is running.5432
Agent Certificate Path−−cert-path <certificate path>YesPath, where certificates need to be created.On Linux, "~/.pem" On Windows, “%APPDATA%/pem”
Agent Display Name−−display-name <agent_name>YesDisplay name of the PEM Agent.System hostname
Agent Group−−group <group_name>YesThe name of the group in which the agent will be displayed.
Agent Team−−team <team_name>YesThe name of the group role that may access the PEM Agent.
Agent Owner−−owner <owner_name>YesThe name of the owner of the PEM Agent.
Force registration−−force-registrationYesForcefully registers the agent to the PEM server with the arguments provided. It can be used to override the existing agent configuration.
Enable Heartbeat−−enable-heartbeat-connectionYesAgent to use dedicated connection to update the heartbeat.false
Agent User−−pem-agent-userYesUse this user to connect the PEM database server. Specify, it when you would like to use a connection pooler between PEM Agent and PEM database server. It will generate the SSL Ceriticates, which will used by the pemworker to connect to the PEM database server instead, for this user instead of the default agent user.

NOTE: Specified user must be a member of 'pem_agent' role.

You can use the PEM_SERVER_PASSWORD environment variable to set the password of the PEM Admin User. If the PEM_SERVER_PASSWORD is not set, the server will use the PGPASSWORD or pgpass file when connecting to the PEM Database Server.


PEM agent self registration

Refer the PEM Worker Usage Guide.