Keyboard Shortcuts v7

Keyboard shortcuts are provided in pgAdmin to allow easy access to specific functions. Alternate shortcuts can be configured through File > Preferences if desired.˝

Main Browser Window

When using main browser window, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Shortcut for all platformsFunction
Alt+Shift+FOpen the File menu
Alt+Shift+OOpen the Object menu
Alt+Shift+LOpen the Tools menu
Alt+Shift+HOpen the Help menu
Alt+Shift+BFocus the browser tree
Alt+Shift+[Move tabbed panel backward
Alt+Shift+]Move tabbed panel forward
Alt+Shift+QOpen the Query Tool in the current database
Alt+Shift+VView Data in the selected table/view
Alt+Shift+COpen the context menu
Alt+Shift+NCreate an object
Alt+Shift+EEdit object properties
Alt+Shift+DDelete the object
Alt+Shift+GDirect debugging

Dialog Tabs

Use the shortcuts below to navigate the tabsets on dialogs:

Shortcut for all platformsFunction
Control+Shift+[Dialog tab backward
Control+Shift+]Dialog tab forward

Property Grid Controls

Use the shortcuts below when working with property grid controls:

Shortcut for all platformsFunction
Control+Shift+AAdd row in Grid
TabMove focus to the next control
Shift+TabMove focus to the previous control
ReturnPick the selected an item in a combo box
Control+Shift+AAdd row in Grid

SQL Editors

When using the syntax-highlighting SQL editors, the following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcut (Mac)Function
Alt + LeftOption + LeftMove to the beginning of the line
Alt + RightOption + RightMove to the end of the line
Ctrl + Alt + LeftCmd + Option + LeftMove left one word
Ctrl + Alt + RightCmd + Option + RightMove right one word
Ctrl + /Cmd + /Comment selected code (Inline)
Ctrl + .Cmd + .Uncomment selected code (Inline)
Ctrl + Shift + /Cmd + Shift + /Comment/Uncomment code (Block)
Ctrl + aCmd + aSelect all
Ctrl + cCmd + cCopy selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl + rCmd + rRedo last edit un-done
Ctrl + vCmd + vPaste text from the clipboard
Ctrl + zCmd + zUndo last edit
TabTabIndent selected text
Shift + TabShift + TabUn-indent selected text
Alt + gOption + gJump (to line:column)
Ctrl + SpaceCtrl + SpaceAuto-complete
Ctrl + fCmd + fFind
Ctrl + gCmd + gFind next
Ctrl + Shift + gCmd + Shift + gFind previous
Ctrl + Shift + fCmd + Shift + fReplace

Query Tool

When using the Query Tool, the following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcut (Mac)Function
F5F5Execute query
F6F6Save data changes
Shift + F7Shift + F7EXPLAIN ANALYZE query
F8F8Execute query to CSV file
<accesskey> + o<accesskey> + oOpen file
<accesskey> + s<accesskey> + sSave file
<accesskey> + n<accesskey> + nFind option drop down
<accesskey> + c<accesskey> + cCopy row(s)
<accesskey> + p<accesskey> + pPaste row(s)
<accesskey> + d<accesskey> + dDelete row(s)
<accesskey> + f<accesskey> + fFilter dialog
<accesskey> + i<accesskey> + iFilter options drop down
<accesskey> + r<accesskey> + rRow limit
<accesskey> + q<accesskey> + qCancel query
<accesskey> + l<accesskey> + lClear option drop down
<accesskey> + x<accesskey> + xExecute option drop down
<accesskey> + t<accesskey> + tDisplay connection status
<accesskey> + y<accesskey> + yCopy SQL on history panel


When using the Debugger, the following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcut (Mac)Function
<accesskey> + i<accesskey> + iStep in
<accesskey> + o<accesskey> + oStep over
<accesskey> + c<accesskey> + cContinue/Restart
<accesskey> + t<accesskey> + tToggle breakpoint
<accesskey> + x<accesskey> + xClear all breakpoints
<accesskey> + s<accesskey> + sStop
Alt + Shift + qOption + Shift + qEnter or Edit values in Grid

Inner Tab and Panel Navigation

When using the Query Tool and Debugger, the following shortcuts are available for inner panel navigation:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux)Shortcut (Mac)Function
Alt + Shift + ]Alt + Shift + ]Move to next tab within a panel
Alt + Shift + [Alt + Shift + [Move to previous tab within a panel
Alt + Shift + TabAlt + Shift + TabMove between inner panels

Access Key

<accesskey> is browser and platform dependant. The following table lists the default access keys for supported browsers.

Internet ExplorerAltAlt
ChromeAltAltCtrl + Option
FirefoxAlt + ShiftAlt + ShiftCtrl + Option
SafariAltCtrl + Option