The Manage Probes Tab v7

A probe is a scheduled task that returns a set of performance metrics about a specific monitored server, database, operating system or agent. You can use the Manage Probes tab to override the default configuration and customize the behavior of each probe. To open the Manage Probes tab, select Manage Probes… from the Management menu.

Manage Probes tab

The Manage Probes tab provides a set of Quick Links that you can use to create and manage probes:

  • Click the `Manage Custom Probes <pem_custom_probes> icon to open the Custom Probes` tab and create or modify a custom probe.
  • Click the `Copy Probes <copy_probe_config> icon to open the Copy Probe` dialog, and copy the probe configurations from the currently selected object to one or more monitored objects.

A probe monitors a unique set of metrics for each specific object type (server, database, database object, or agent); select the name of an object in the tree control to review the probes for that object.

To modify the properties associated with a probe, highlight the name of a probe, and customize the settings that are displayed in the Probes table:

  • Move the Default switch in the Execution Frequency columns to No to enable the Minutes and Seconds selectors, and specify a non-default value for the length of time between executions of the probe.
  • Move the Default switch in the Enabled? column to No to change the state of the probe, and indicate if the probe is active or not active.
  • Move the Default switch in the Data Retention column to No to enable the Day(s) field and specify the number of days that information gathered by the probe is stored on the PEM server.

The Manage Probes tab may also display information about probes that cannot be modified from the current node; if a probe cannot be modified from the current dialog, the switches for that probe are disabled. Generally, a disabled probe can be modified from a node that is higher in the hierarchy of the PEM client tree control. Select another object in the tree control to change which probes are displayed or enabled on the Manage Probes tab.


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