Copy Probe Configuration v7

You can use the Copy Probe Configuration... dialog to copy probe definitions from one monitored object to one or more monitored objects of the same type. To open the Copy Probe Configuration... dialog, highlight the object from which you are copying probes in the PEM client tree control, and select Manage Probes... from the Management menu. When the Manage Probes tab opens, click on Copy Probe to open the Copy Probe Configuration dialog:

Copy Probe Configuration

The dialog will copy the probe definitions from the object through which the Copy Probe Configuration dialog was opened, to the location(s) selected on the Copy Probe Configuration dialog tree control.

Note that if you specify a parent node in the Copy Probe Configuration tree control, PEM will copy the probe configurations to each object (of the same type) that resides under that node in the tree control. For example, to copy the probe definitions from one schema to all schemas that reside within a database, you only need to select the parent database of the target schemas. Please note that a red warning symbol is displayed to the left of the name of a listed target object if that object is the source of the probe that is being copied.

When you have selected the target object or objects, click the Configure Probes button to copy the probe definitions to the location selected on the dialog.