Release Notes v7

EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager release notes provide the information on the features and improvements in each release. This page includes release notes for major release and minor (bugfix) releases. Select your version from the list below to see the release notes for it.

pem_release_notes_8_0_1 pem_release_notes_8_0 pem_release_notes_7_16 pem_release_notes_7_15 pem_release_notes_7_14 pem_release_notes_7_13 pem_release_notes_7_12 pem_release_notes_7_11 pem_release_notes_7_10 pem_release_notes_7_9 pem_release_notes_7_8 pem_release_notes_7_7_1 pem_release_notes_7_7 pem_release_notes_7_6 pem_release_notes_7_5