PEM v7.16 v7

Release date: 2020-09-30


PEM-3157 - Documentation of Defining and Monitoring Postgres instances on AWS EC2 and RDS is added. [Support Ticker #1060981]
PEM-322 - Use the same agent-id on agent registration using '--force-registration', and regenerate the certificates. [Support Ticket #695978]
PEM-688 - Added capability to monitor parameters set by EFM (missingnodes, minimumstandbys and membershipcoordinator).
PEM-2200 - Auto discover database servers installed using debian packaging.
PEM-2578 - Allow user to schedule bulk alert blackout from PEM console. [Support Ticket #901007]
PEM-2651 - List all the events and display error message on tooltip in BART activities graph. [Support Ticket #950623]
PEM-3053 - Automate BART Obsolete backup Cleanup process in PEM. [Support Ticket #950518]
PEM-3054 - Manage bart-scanner from PEM console. [Support Ticket #951184, #1027171]
PEM-3421 - Perform EFM cluster switchover from PEM console. [Support Ticket #1059731]
PEM-3528 - Make the current state and related information of the alerts available through REST API
PEM-3529 - Make the state change history of the alerts available at Agent, Server & Database through REST API
PEM-3614 - Added details of directory creation and permissions for backups taken using BART in PEM - BART Management Features Guide [Support Ticket #1038375]
PEM-3615 - Allow incremental backup from a parent backup which was taken in tar.gz format. [Support Ticket #1059420]
Issue #2042 - Added SQL Formatter support in Query Tool.
Issue #3904 - Replace charting library Flotr2 with ChartJS using React on the Dashboard panel.
Issue #4059 - Added a new button to the query tool toolbar to open a new query tool window.
Issue #5126 - Modified schema diff tool to compare two databases instead of two schemas.
Issue #5653 - Added High Contrast (Beta) theme support.
Issue #5772 - Warn the user when connecting to a server that is older than PEM supports.


Issue #5323 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Foreign Data Wrapper.
Issue #5324 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Foreign Servers and User Mappings.
Issue #5327 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Schemas.
Issue #5332 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Columns and Constraints (Index, Foreign Key, Check, Exclusion).
Issue #5336 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Types.
Issue #5344 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Grant Wizard.
Issue #5731 - Upgrade font awesome from v4 to v5.
Issue #5774 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Tables.

Bug fixes

PEM-812/ Issue #5830 <> - Display parenthesis around AND/OR conditions in the same order within PEM and dba_views. Fixed reverse engineering SQL where parenthesis is not properly arranged for View/MView definition. [Support Ticket #315838]
PEM-2579 - Fixed issues in SNMP's MIB file reported by [Support Ticket #900679]
PEM-3532 - Fixed the issue in monitoring dashboard line charts where data points were not showing correct local time information. [Support Ticket #1023887]
PEM-3542 - Fixed potential data type migration problem when upgrading PEM Server to PG v.12 [Support Ticket #1044052]
PEM-3487 - Fixed configure script issue for google cloud instance running RHEL7
PEM-3666 - Fixed security issue related to secure flag for session cookies. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3667 - Fixed security issue related to information exposed in Server response header. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3677 - Fixed security issue related to content Security Policy (CSP) configuration. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3678 - Fixed security issue related to HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) in server response header. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3679 - Fixed security issue related to session fixation. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3682 - Fixed security issue related to directory listing. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3693 - Fixed security issue in the Capacity manager report. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3695 - Transaction ID or timestamp must be provided during BART restore point-in time recovery operation [Support Ticket #1067393]
PEM-3696 - Fixed security issue in the pem configure script where it should not log sensitive informations. [Support Ticket #1035935]
PEM-3663 - Fixed pemworker segfault error in dmesg and messages file. [Support Ticket #999681]
PEM-3698 - Fixed current and previous alert state related issue during alert script execution when alert state gets clear. [Support Ticket #1078828]
PEM-2015 - Fixed vulnerability issues related to webserver. [Support Ticket # 856609]
Issue #3767 - Ensure that the original file format should be retained when saving the same file in SQL editor.
Issue #3791 - Added missing comments in reverse engineering SQL for each column of a View.
Issue #4123 - Fixed an issue where debugger doesn't work if the search path is set other than 'public'.
Issue #4216 - Ensure that schema names starting with 'pg' should be visible in browser tree when standard_conforming_strings is set to off.
Issue #4361 - Fixed ssh tunnel hang issue when the user tries to disconnect the server.
Issue #4387 - Fixed an issue where the user is not able to insert the data if the table and columns name contains special characters.
Issue #4810 - Fixed an issue where the user is not able to save the new row if the table is empty.
Issue #5137 - Fixed save button enable issue when focusing in and out of numeric input field.
Issue #5417 - Fixed and improve API test cases for the schema diff tool.
Issue #5426 - Adjusted the height of jobstep code block to use maximum space.
Issue #5429 - Ensure that the Dictionaries drop-down shows all the dictionaries in the FTS configuration dialog.
Issue #5526 - Fixed an issue where copying and pasting a cell with multiple line data will result in multiple rows.
Issue #5530 - Ensure that the referenced table should be displayed on foreign key constraints.
Issue #5567 - Fixed an issue where conversion of bytea to the binary string results in an error.
Issue #5569 - Fixed reverse engineered SQL for partitions when storage parameters are specified.
Issue #5604 - Fixed an issue where the entire logs is in red text when the user runs backup and restore.
Issue #5632 - Ensure that the user will be able to modify the start value of the Identity column.
Issue #5646 - Ensure that RLS Policy node should be searchable using search object.
Issue #5652 - Modified the 'Commit' and 'Rollback' query tool button icons.
Issue #5666 - Added missing dependencies/dependent and corrected some wrongly identified.
Issue #5670 - Fixed an issue where the error message does not have a close button on utility dialogs.
Issue #5675 - Fixed CSRF errors when PEM opened in an iframe on safari browser.
Issue #5677 - Fixed text color issue in explain analyze for the Dark theme.
Issue #5686 - Fixed issue where the user was not able to update policy if the policy is created with space.
Issue #5689 - Added the 'ORDER BY' clause for the privileges type to fix schema diff issue.
Issue #5710 - Fixed an issue when comparing the table with a trigger throwing error in schema diff.
Issue #5713 - Corrected DROP SQL syntax for catalog.
Issue #5716 - Fixed an issue where ajax call continues to fire even after disconnect the database server.
Issue #5722 - Ensure that the user should be able to drop the database even if it is connected.
Issue #5724 - Clarify some of the differences when running in server mode in the docs.
Issue #5730 - Resolve schema diff dependencies by selecting the appropriate node automatically and maintain the order in the generated script.
Issue #5732 - Fixed some accessibility issues.
Issue #5734 - Update the description of GIN and GiST indexes in the documentation.
Issue #5739 - Ensure that the import/export feature should work with SSH Tunnel.
Issue #5746 - Fixed an issue where --load-server does not allow loading connections that use pg_services.
Issue #5748 - Fixed incorrect reverse engineering SQL for Foreign key when creating a table.
Issue #5754 - Fixed an issue where schema diff is not working when providing the options to Foreign Data Wrapper, Foreign Server, and User Mapping.
Issue #5764 - Fixed SQL for Row Level Security which is incorrectly generated.
Issue #5765 - Fixed an issue in the query tool when columns are having the same name as javascript object internal functions.
Issue #5766 - Fixed string indices must be integers issue for PostgreSQL < 9.3.
Issue #5779 - Remove illegal argument from trigger function in trigger DDL statement.
Issue #5794 - Fixed excessive CPU usage by stopping the indefinite growth of the graph dataset.
Issue #5802 - Remove maximum length on the password field in the server dialog.
Issue #5807 - Fixed an issue where a column is renamed and then removed, then the drop SQL query takes the wrong column name.
Issue #5815 - Fixed an issue where clicking on the 'Generate script' button shows a forever spinner due to pop up blocker.
Issue #5816 - Ensure that the 'CREATE SCHEMA' statement should be present in the generated script if the schema is not present in the target database.
Issue #5820 - Fixed an issue while refreshing Resource Group.
Issue #5833 - Fixed an issue where custom sequences are not visible when show system objects are set to false.
Issue #5834 - Ensure that the 'Remove Server Group' option is available in the context menu.
Issue #5839 - Ensure that multiple extensions can be dropped from the properties tab.
Issue #5845 - Fixed an issue where the query tool is not fetching more than 1000 rows for the table does not have any primary key.