PEM v7.8 v7

Release date: 2019-06-05


Feature #PEM-614 - Added --enable-heartbeat-connection parameter to use dedicated heartbeat connection while self registring pemagent. [Support Ticket #742120]
Feature #4017 - Make the Query Tool history persistent across sessions.
Feature #4018 - Remove the large and unnecessary dependency on React and 87 other related libraries.
Feature #4030 - Add support for IDENTITY columns.

Bug fixes

Bug #PEM-986 - Fetch the pem schema version again in pemagent when PEM server restarts. [Support Ticket #769569]
Bug #PEM-1449 - Copy alert REST API document is missing. [Support Ticket #804272]
Bug #PEM-2046 - Use the 'g' flag to replace all occurance of placeholder in the alert script code, alert email template, alert email subject. [Support Ticket #856746]
Bug #PEM-2087 - Line chart on Dashboard is not honouring the user's selected start & end timespan. [Support Ticket #859558]
Bug #PEM-2135 - No take over is happening after PEM agent and server upgrade from version 7.4 to 7.7. [Support Ticket #859340]
Bug #PEM-2166 - Table chart created using custom probe should render properly. [Support Ticket #872498]
Bug #4217/PEM-2204 - Fixed CSRF security vulnerability issue.
Bug #1269 - Fix naming inconsistency for the column and FTS parser modules.
Bug #2392 - Ensure that on clicking Delete button should not delete rows immediately from the database server, it should be deleted when Save button will be clicked.
Bug #2627 - Include inherited column comments and defaults in reverse engineered table SQL.
Bug #3582 - Ensure that JSON strings as comments should be added properly for all the objects.
Bug #3605 - Fix an issue where Deleting N number of rows makes first N number of rows disable.
Bug #3933 - Ignore exceptions in the logger.
Bug #3938 - Added support for Default Partition.
Bug #4019 - Update all Python and JavaScript dependencies.
Bug #4037 - Include comment SQL for inherited columns in reverse engineered table SQL.
Bug #4050 - Make the WHEN field a CodeMirror control on the Event Trigger dialogue.
Bug #4052 - Fix the online help button on the resource group dialogue.
Bug #4053 - Enable the online help button on the index dialogue.
Bug #4062 - Fix handling of numeric arrays in View/Edit Data.
Bug #4063 - Enlarge the grab handles for resizing dialogs etc.
Bug #4069 - Append the file suffix to filenames when needed in the File Create dialogue.
Bug #4073 - Change the CodeMirror active line background colour to $color-danger-lighter so it doesn't conflict with the selection colour.
Bug #4081 - Fix the RE-SQL syntax for roles with a VALID UNTIL clause.
Bug #4082 - Prevent an empty error message being shown when "downloading" a CREATE script using the CSV download.
Bug #4084 - Overhaul the layout saving code so it includes the Query Tool and Debugger, and stores the layout when change events are detected rather than (unreliably) on exit.
Bug #4085 - Display errors during CSV download from the Query Tool in the UI rather than putting them in the CSV file.
Bug #4087 - Fix an issue where 'GRANT UPDATE' sql should be displayed for default sequence privileges.
Bug #4096 - Ensure the toolbar buttons are properly reset following a CSV download in the Query Tool.
Bug #4099 - Fix SQL help for EPAS 10+, and refactor the URL generation code into a testable function.
Bug #4100 - Ensure sequences can be created with increment, start, minimum and maximum options set.
Bug #4101 - Ensure that confirmation dialog should be popped up before reload of query tool or debugger if it is opened in a new browser tab.
Bug #4104 - Ensure that record should be add/edited for root partition table with primary keys.
Bug #4105 - Fix an issue where JSON data would not be rendered in the Query Tool.
Bug #4109 - Ensure View/Materialized View node should be visible after updating any property.
Bug #4110 - Fix custom autovacuum configuration for Materialized Views.
Bug #4121 - Fixed alignment issue of columns in definition section of Index node.
Bug #4131 - Relabel the Save button on the datagrid text editor to avoid confusion with the actual Save button that updates the database.
Bug #4134 - Fixed 'Location cannot be empty' error when open Tablespace properties.
Bug #4138 - Fix an issue where the dropdown becomes misaligned/displaced.
Bug #4142 - Added recommended ESLinter checks.
Bug #4143 - Ensure that pgAdmin4 should work properly with psycopg2 v2.8
Bug #4154 - Ensure the treeview shows all sequences except those used to implement IDENTITY columns (which can be edited as part of the column). Show all if Show System Objects is enabled.
Bug #4160 - Fixed 'Increment value cannot be empty' error for existing tables.
Bug #4161 - Ensure that parameters of procedures for EPAS server 10 and below should be set/reset properly.
Bug #4163 - Prevent duplicate columns being included in reverse engineered SQL for tables.
Bug #4164 - Fix file browser path issue which occurs when client is on Windows and server is on Mac/Linux.
Bug #4182 - Ensure sanity of the permissions on the storage and session directories and the config database.
Bug #4218 - Properly assign dropdownParent in Select2 controls.
Bug #4219 - Ensure popper.js is installed when needed.
Bug #4246 - Fixed console error when subnode control is used in panels.
Bug #4194 - Fix accessibility issue for menu navigation.
Bug #4227 - Fixed Tab key navigation for Maintenance dialog.
Bug #4244 - Fix Tab key issue for Toggle switch controls and button on the dialog footer in Safari browser.
Bug #4245 - Ensure that element should get highlighted when they get focus on using Tab key.
Bug #4261 - Stop using application/x-javascript as a mime type and use the RFC-compliant application/javascript instead.
Bug #4262 - Fixed error on displaying table properties of a table partitioned by list having a default partition.
Bug #4263 - Fix handling of JSON in the Query Tool with NULL elements.
Bug #4269 - Fix navigation of switch cells in grids.
Bug #4276 - Relax the permission check on the directory containing the config database, as it may fail in some environments such as OpenShift.
Bug #4278 - Prevent Backgrid Password cells from losing focus if the browser opens an autocomplete list.
Bug #4308 - Fix the issue of accessing the SQL for Views and Materialized Views. Regression of pluralisation of folder names.