PEM v7.7 v7

Release date: 2019-03-13

This release contains a new PEM UI update and some of the features and bug fixes.


Feature #2233 - Add a "scratch pad" to the Query Tool to hold text snippets whilst editing.
Feature #2418 - Add Commit and Rollback buttons to the Query Tool.
Feature #3439 - Allow X-FRAME-OPTIONS to be set for security. Default to SAMEORIGIN.
Feature #3559 - Automatically expand child nodes as well as the selected node on the treeview if there is only one.
Feature #4034 - Support double-click on Query Tool result grid column resize handles to auto-size to the content.

Bug fixes

Bug #PEM-732 - Allow user to download explain plan from sql profiler [Support Ticket #484049]
Bug #PEM-1544 - Give proper privileges and explicit type cast to hstore extension [Support Ticket #820063]
Bug #PEM-1596 - PEM Agent registration creates cert files with additional .crt extension [Support Ticket #853579]
Bug #PEM-1684 - Handle proper exception during alert processing. [Support Ticket #830175]
Bug #PEM-1743 - Delete all the agent entry except for the lastest one sorted by login time [Support Ticket #829037]
Bug #PEM-1855 - Server info probe shows numeric overflow error if shared memory size is too high [Support Ticket #833535]
Bug #PEM-1943 - Honour the pause of the auto-refresh on the 'Alert Status' table whilst showing the alert details [Support Ticket #853200]
Bug #PEM-1964 - RPM libboost dependencies issues on IBM powerbox [Support Ticket #849462]
Bug #PEM-1976 - Fetch the session information for the same server when fetching the lock information [Support Ticket #853549]
Bug #3051 - Replace Bootstrap switch with Bootstrap4 toggle to improve the performance.
Bug #3096 - Ensure size stats are prettified on the statistics tab when the UI language is not English.
Bug #3272 - Replace the PyCrypto module with the cryptography module.
Bug #3352 - Handle display of roles with expiration set to infinity correctly.
Bug #3418 - Allow editing of values in columns with the oid datatype which are not an actual row OID.
Bug #3453 - Fixed SQL for foreign table options.
Bug #3475 - Fixed execution time to show Hours part for long running queries in Query Tool.
Bug #3505 - Fix SQL generated for tables with inherited columns.
Bug #3544 - Make the Query Tool tab titles more concise and useful.
Bug #3549 - Display event trigger functions correctly on EPAS.
Bug #3575 - Ensure the context menu works after a server is renamed.
Bug #3583 - Update CodeMirror to 5.43.0 to resolve issues with auto-indent.
Bug #3587 - Fix support for bigint's in JSONB data.
Bug #3600 - Ensure JSON data isn't modified in-flight by psycopg2 when using View/Edit data.
Bug #3608 - Messages tab of query tool should be clear on subsequent execution of table/view using View/Edit Data.
Bug #3609 - Clear drop-down menu should be disabled for View/Edit Data.
Bug #3664 - Fixed Statistics panel hang issue for 1000+ tables.
Bug #3673 - Modify the Download as CSV option to use the same connection as the Query Tool its running in so temporary tables etc. can be used.
Bug #3679 - Fix a webpack issue that could cause the Query Tool to fail to render.
Bug #3693 - Proper error should be thrown when server group is created with existing name.
Bug #3695 - Ensure long string should be wrap in alertify dialogs.
Bug #3697 - Ensure that output of the query should be displayed even if Data Output window is detached from the Query Tool.
Bug #3702 - Ensure we display the relation name (and not the OID) in the locks table wherever possible.
Bug #3740 - Inline edbspl trigger functions should not be visible in Grant Wizard.
Bug #3774 - Proper SQL should be generated when create function with return type as custom type argument.
Bug #3780 - Ensure that null values handled properly in CSV download.
Bug #3800 - Ensure that database restriction of server dialog should work with special characters.
Bug #3809 - Ensure auto complete should works when first identifier in the FROM clause needs quoting.
Bug #3810 - Ensure auto complete should works for columns from a schema-qualified table.
Bug #3811 - Ensure that Backup/Restore button should work on single click.
Bug #3836 - Fix ordering of VACUUM options which changed in PG11.
Bug #3837 - Fixed SQL for when clause while creating Trigger.
Bug #3838 - Proper SQL should be generated when creating/changing column with custom type argument.
Bug #3840 - Ensure that file format combo box value should be retained when hidden files checkbox is toggled.
Bug #3842 - Don't show system catalogs in the schemas property list unless show system objects is enabled.
Bug #3846 - Proper SQL should be generated when create procedure with custom type arguments.
Bug #3849 - Ensure that browser should warn before close or refresh.
Bug #3850 - Fixed EXEC script for procedures.
Bug #3853 - Proper SQL should be generated when create domain of type interval with precision.
Bug #3856 - Fixed an issue while creating export job.
Bug #3858 - Drop-down should be closed when click on any other toolbar button.
Bug #3861 - Fix help for the backup/restore dialogues.
Bug #3862 - Fixed keyboard navigation for dialog tabs.
Bug #3865 - Increase frames splitter mouse hover area to make it easier to resize.
Bug #3866 - Ensure that last row of table data should be visible and user will be able to add new row.
Bug #3871 - Fixed alignment of tree arrow icons for Internet Explorer.
Bug #3872 - Ensure object names in external process dialogues are properly escaped.
Bug #3873 - Fix context sub-menu alignment on Safari.
Bug #3877 - Make the browser more robust in the face of multibyte characters in SQL_ASCII databases.
Bug #3891 - Correct order of Save and Cancel button for json/jsonb editing.
Bug #3897 - Data should be updated properly for FTS Configurations, FTS Dictionaries, FTS Parsers and FTS Templates.
Bug #3899 - Fixed unable to drop multiple Rules and Foreign Tables from properties tab.
Bug #3903 - Fixed Query Tool Initialization Error.
Bug #3906 - Fix alignment of Close and Maximize button of Grant Wizard.
Bug #3908 - Fixed keyboard navigation for Select2 and Privilege cell in Backgrid.
Bug #3911 - Add full support and tests for all PG server side encodings.
Bug #3912 - Fix editing of table data with a JSON primary key.
Bug #3916 - Correct schema should be displayed in Materialized View dialog.
Bug #3927 - Fixed debugger issue for procedure inside package for EPAS servers.
Bug #3929 - Fix alignment of help messages in properties panels.
Bug #3932 - Fix alignment of submenu for Internet Explorer.
Bug #3935 - Ensure that grant wizard should list down functions for EPAS server running with no-redwood-compat mode. [Support Ticket #833292]
Bug #3941 - Dashboard graph optimization.
Bug #3946 - Fix alignment of checkbox to drop multiple schedules of pgAgent job.
Bug #3948 - Set the background colour for backform notes, and add an icon.
Bug #3954 - Remove Python 2.6 code that's now obsolete.
Bug #3958 - Don't exclude SELECT statements from transaction management in the Query Tool in case they call data-modifying functions.
Bug #3959 - Optimise display of Dependencies and Dependents, and use on-demand loading of rows in batches of 100.
Bug #3961 - Exclude HTTPExceptions from the all_exception_handler as they should be returned as-is.
Bug #3963 - Fix alignment of import/export toggle switch.
Bug #3968 - Update wcDocker to fix the issue where the Scratch Pad grows in size if the results panel is resized.
Bug #3970 - Prevent an error when closing the Sort/Filter dialogue with an empty filter string.
Bug #3973 - Use 'set_config(...)' function to update the 'bytea_output' settings instead of 'UPDATE' statement, which is not allowed in the the read-only instances.
Bug #3974 - Fix alignment of Connection type toggle switch of pgagent.
Bug #3982 - Add full support and tests for all PG server side encodings.
Bug #3992 - Add full support and tests for all PG server side encodings.
Bug #3995 - Avoid 'bogus varno' message from Postgres when viewing the SQL for a table with triggers.
Bug #3998 - Custom-encode forward slashes in URL parameters as Apache HTTPD doesn't allow them in some cases.
Bug #4000 - Update CodeMirror to 5.43.0 to resolve issues with tab indent with use spaces enabled.
Bug #4013 - Ensure long queries don't cause errors when downloading CSV in the Query Tool.
Bug #4021 - Disable the editor and execute functions whilst queries are executing.
Bug #4054 - Handle resultsets with zero columns correctly in the Query Tool.
Bug #4071 - Ensure that Firefox prompts for a filename/location when downloading query results as a CSV file.