PEM v7.6 v7

Release date: 2019-01-09

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of PEM v7.6


Feature #PEM-545 - Allow to delete the server group [Support Ticket #737596]
Feature #PEM-945 - Allow to use the performance diagnostic (edb_wait_stat) plugin for EDB Postgres Advance Server
Feature #PEM-1522 - Adding support in the sslutils to work with OpenSSL 1.1+
Feature #1513 - Add support for dropping multiple objects at once from the collection Properties panel.
Feature #3562 - Migrate from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.
Feature #PEM-1528/Feature #3589 - Allow query plans to be downloaded as an SVG file [Support Ticket #816621]

Bug fixes

Bug #PEM-1368/Bug #3676 - Fix CREATE Script functionality for EDB-Wrapped functions. [Support Ticket #796491]
Bug #PEM-1530 - Fix the server level charts [Support Ticket #815806]
Bug #PEM-1532 - Disable TRACE option from the configuration file for the apache server [Support Ticket #784345, #818383]
Bug #PEM-1610 - EFM Status in streaming replication dashborad on PEM not shown [Support Ticket #826397]
Bug #PEM-1611 - PEM not able to monitor EFM with error: Failed to parse EFM json file [Support Ticket #826197]
Bug #3016 - Ensure previous notices are not removed from the Messages tab in the Query Tool if an error occurs during query execution.
Bug #3029 - Allow the selection order to be preserved in the Select2 control to fix column ordering in data Import/Export.
Bug #3083 - Increase the size of the resize handle of the edit grid text pop-out.
Bug #3232 - Ensure that Utilities(Backup/Restore/Maintenence/Import-Export) should not be started if binary path is wrong and also added 'Stop Process' button to cancel the process.
Bug #3354 - Fix handling of array types as inputs to the debugger.
Bug #3433 - Fix an issue that could cause the Query Tool to fail to render.
Bug #3559 - Further improvements to treeview restoration.
Bug #3619 - Add titles to the code areas of the Query Tool and Debugger to ensure that panels can be re-docked within them.
Bug #3629 - Allow use of 0 (integer) and empty strings as parameters in the debugger.
Bug #3638 - Fix syntax error when creating new pgAgent schedules with a start date/time and exception.
Bug #3711 - Fix an encoding issue in the query tool.
Bug #3722 - Ensure that utility existence check should work for schema and other child objects while taking Backup/Restore.
Bug #3723 - Properly report errors when debugging cannot be started.
Bug #3726 - Include the WHERE clause on EXCLUDE constraints in RE-SQL.
Bug #3734 - Prevent the debugger controls being pressed again before previous processing is complete.
Bug #3736 - Fix toggle breakpoints buttons in the debugger.
Bug #3742 - Fix changes to the NOT NULL and default value options in the Table Dialogue.
Bug #3746 - Fix dropping of multiple functions/procedures at once.
Bug #3753 - Fix an issue when user define Cast from smallint->text is created.
Bug #3757 - Hide Radio buttons that should not be shown on the maintenance dialogue.
Bug #3797 - Prevent attempts to bulk-drop schema objects.
Bug #3798 - Ensure the browser toolbar buttons work in languages other than English.
Bug #3805 - Allow horizontal sizing of the edit grid text pop-out.
Bug #3821 - Ensure identifiers are properly displayed in the plan viewer.
Bug #3823 - Delete/Drop and drop cascade option under properties section is disabled for multiple objects.
Bug #3824 - Ensure the dashboard tabs are styles correctly.