PEM v7.5 v7

Release date: 2018-10-24

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of PEM v7.5


Feature #PEM-796 - As a user I should be able to exclude particular mount point from the disk-space probe
Feature #PEM-1020 - As a user I would like to monitor the advanced server V11
Feature #PEM-1021 - As a user I would like to monitor the postgres V11
Feature #PEM-1022 - As a user I would like to use PG/EPAS v11 as backend server for the PEM
Feature #PEM-1295 - Limit the number of connections to the PEM DB Server (using pgbouncer - connection pooler) [Support Ticket #784672]
Feature #3564 - Add shortcuts for View Data and the Query tool to the Browser header bar.
Feature #3514 - Add optional data point markers and mouse-over tooltips to display values on graphs.
Feature #1407 - Add a geometry viewer that can render PostGIS data on a blank canvas or various map sources.
Feature #1253 - Save the treeview state periodically, and restore it automatically when reconnecting.

Bug fixes

Bug #PEM-724 - Can't debug function and procedure in package(EnterpriseDB) use non-superuser role [Support Ticket #569062]
Bug #PEM-918/#3596 - Fix support for the CLOB datatype in EPAS [Support Ticket #761853]
Bug #PEM-1004 - Allow to enter floating values for threshold fields in Alerts configuration window [Support Ticket #775364]
Bug #PEM-1330 - User can not save password when connecting to server [Support Ticket #792298]
Bug #PEM-1350 - Allow to install on PostgreSQL/EDB Postgres Advanced Server 9.4 [Support Ticket #796149]
Bug #PEM-1431 - Release the connections for the connected servers on logout [Support Ticket #807009]
Bug #3191 - Fixed debugger execution issues.
Bug #3420 - Merge pgcli code with version 1.10.3, which is used for auto complete feature.
Bug #3525 - Ensure that refresh button on dashboard should refresh the table.
Bug #3551 - Fix handling of backslashes in the edit grid.
Bug #3554 - Fix auto scrolling issue in debugger on step in and step out. [Support Ticket #779956]
Bug #3576 - Ensure queries are no longer executed when dashboards are closed.
Bug #3604 - Correct the documentation of View/Edit data.
Bug #3607 - Fix logic around validation and highlighting of Sort/Filter in the Query Tool.
Bug #3630 - Ensure auto-complete works for objects in schemas other than public and pg_catalog.
Bug #3657 - Ensure changes to Query Tool settings from the Preferences dialogue are applied before executing queries.
Bug #3658 - Swap the Schema and Schemas icons and Catalog and Catalogs icons that had been used the wrong way around.
Bug #3660 - Rename the 'SQL Editor' section of the Preferences to 'Query Tool' as it applies to the whole tool, not just the editor.
Bug #3674 - Cleanup session files periodically.
Bug #3700 - Fix connection garbage collector.
Bug #3703 - Purge connections from the cache on logout. [Support Ticket #807009]