What's New v8.0

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The following changes have been made to Postgres Enterprise Manager to create version 8.0.1:

Improved the overall performance, usability, and stability of the product by:

  • Allowing the dash (-) character in the superuser name that is provided during configuration.
  • Gracefully closing the operating system resources during batch probe and command execution to avoid errors.
  • Improved support for unicode string handling in pemAgent.
  • Fixed a regression restoring BART backup when agent is not bound with the BART server.
  • In addition to the above-listed items, a few other minor bugs have also been fixed.

PEM 8.0.1 provides an option to hide or unhide the Dashboard, Statistics, Dependents, and Dependencies tabs.

Features and Functionalities removed in recent versions of PEM:

  • PEM 8.0 and later is not supported on CentOS/RHEL 6.x.
  • EDB ARK UI Management is not supported by PEM 7.16 and later.
  • PEM 7.16 and later is not supported on Internet explorer version 11 and lesser.