PEM v8.0 v8.0

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Release date: 2020-12-09


PEM-3669 - Support new configurations of BART ('bart_socket_name') in PEM
PEM-3612 - Enhanced the placeholders for alert script execution. [Support Ticket # 1051538]
PEM-3613 - Added documentation for "How to replace alert placeholders inside script". [Support Ticket # 1051538]
PEM-3786 - Added support for --checksum-algorithm and --disable-checksum parameters introduced in BART 2.6.0.
PEM-2501 - Added alert details sql for template 'A user expires in N days'. [Support Ticket # 891377]
PEM-3684, PEM-3665 - Added alert details sql for Alert Errors, Table bloat, Dead/live tuples and few other. [Support Ticket # 1065250]
PEM-3802, PEM-3805 - Documented the best security practices for PEM to avoid security vulnerabilities.
PEM-3808 - Improved installtion and upgrade guide as per customer feedback. [Support Ticket # 1101462]
PEM-3819 - Add webhooks for event-based alerting
Issue #1402 - Added Macro support.
Issue #2519 - Added support to view trigger function under the respective trigger node.
Issue #3318 - Added support to download utility files at the client-side.
Issue #3794 - Allow user to change the database connection from an open query tool tab.
Issue #4230 - Added support to rename query tool and debugger tabs title.
Issue #4231 - Added support for dynamic tab size.
Issue #4232 - Added tab title placeholder for Query Tool, View/Edit Data, and Debugger.
Issue #5200 - Added support to ignore the owner while comparing objects in the Schema Diff tool.
Issue #5857 - Added documentation for Macro support.


Issue #5328 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Foreign Tables.
Issue #5330 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Functions.
Issue #5337 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Views and Materialized Views.
Issue #5395 - Added RESQL/MSQL test cases for Functions.
Issue #5497 - Merged the latest code of 'pgcli' used for the autocomplete feature.
Issue #5938 - Documentation of Storage Manager.

Bug fixes

PEM-672 - Documented that while configuring the pem server, certificates must be present in data directory of backend database server in the installation guides. [Support ticket # 729238]
PEM-3184 - Fixed an issue where connections were not getting released when user disconnects the database server. [Support Ticket # 969833]
PEM-3737 - Fixed an issue where BART integration isn't working, when BART is installed at custom location. [Support Ticket # 1088574]
PEM-3791 - Do not include detail alert information while sending SNMP traps. [Support Ticket # 1069206, # 1115277]
PEM-3816 - Fixed the issue of making two database connections for failed login attempt which result in locking the user profile. [Support Ticket # 1103288]
PEM-3795 - Added python3 as prerequisite for PEM in Upgrade and migration guide.
PEM-3799 - Package deployment and streaming replication deprecation warning is added in Upgrade and migration guide. [Support ticket # 1021617]
Issue #4639 - Ensure that some fields should be disabled for the trigger in edit mode.
Issue #4806 - Added useful message when the explain plan is not used and empty.
Issue #4855 - Fixed an issue where file extension is stripped on renaming a file.
Issue #5131 - Ensure that 'ctrl + a' shortcut does not move the cursor in SQL editor.
Issue #5826 - Fixed an issue where schema diff is showing identical table as different due to default vacuum settings.
Issue #5830 - Fixed reverse engineering SQL where parenthesis is not properly arranged for View/MView definition.
Issue #5835 - Fixed 'can't execute an empty query' message if the user change the option of Auto FK Index.
Issue #5841 - Fixed an issue where the server is not able to connect using the service.
Issue #5842 - Ensure that query history should be listed by date/time in descending order.
Issue #5843 - Fixed an issue where the 'PARALLEL UNSAFE' option is missing from reverse engineering SQL of function/procedure.
Issue #5853 - Fixed an issue where 'Rows X' column values were not visible properly for Explain Analyze in Dark theme.
Issue #5855 - Ensure that the user should be able to change the start value of the existing sequence.
Issue #5858 - Ensure that search object functionality works with case insensitive string.
Issue #5882 - Fixed invalid literal issue when fetching dependencies for Materialized View.
Issue #5885 - Fixed an issue where the user is unable to change the macro name.
Issue #5895 - Fixed an issue where the suffix for Toast table size is not visible in the Statistics tab.
Issue #5911 - Ensure that macros should be run on the older version of Safari and Chrome.
Issue #5914 - Fixed an issue where a mismatch in the value of 'Estimated row' for functions.
Issue #5923 - Fixed an issue where non-closeable tabs are getting closed.
Issue #5943 - Ensure that folder rename should work properly in Storage Manager.
Issue #5950 - Fixed an issue where a long file name is not visible on the process watcher dialog.
Issue #5953 - Fixed an issue where connection to the server is on wait state if a different user is provided.
Issue #5959 - Ensure that Grant Wizard should include foreign tables.
Issue #5974 - Fixed an issue where the debugger's custom tab title not applied when opened in the new browser tab.
Issue #5978 - Fixed an issue where dynamic tab title has not applied the first time for debugger panel.
Issue #5983 - Added the appropriate server icon based on the server type in the new connection dialog.
Issue #5985 - Fixed an issue where the process watcher dialog throws an error for the database server which is already removed.