Upgrading a PEM Installation v8.0

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The process of upgrading a PEM installation is platform-specific. You can update a PEM Agent or Server on a Windows host by using the PEM graphical installer available for Windows. Prior to PEM 7.8 release, PEM Agent or Server could be installed on Linux either by using the graphical installer or by using the RPMs. From PEM version 7.8 onwards, PEM graphical installers for Linux are discontinued. To update a PEM Agent or Server on a Linux host from any lower version to PEM 7.9 or higher versions, you must use native packages.

Links to PEM and SQL Profiler installers and RPMs are available at the EDB website.

upgrading_pem_installation_windows upgrading_pem_installation_linux_rpm creating_pem_repository_in_isolated_network upgrading_pem_installation_linux_graphical configuring_the_pem_server_on_linux_platforms