Installing PGD CLI v5

You can install PGD CLI on any system that can connect to the PGD cluster. To use PGD CLI, you need a user with PGD superuser privileges or equivalent. The PGD user with superuser privileges is the bdr_superuser role. An example of an equivalent user is edb_admin on an EDB BigAnimal distributed high-availability cluster.

Installing automatically with Trusted Postgres Architect (TPA)

By default, Trusted Postgres Architect installs and configures PGD CLI on each PGD node. If you want to install PGD CLI on any non-PGD instance in the cluster, attach the pgdcli role to that instance in Trusted Postgres Architect's configuration file before deploying. See Trusted Postgres Architect for more information.

Installing manually on Linux

PGD CLI is installable from the EDB repositories. These repositories require a token to enable downloads from them. Log in to EDB Repos 2.0 to obtain your token. Then execute the command shown for your operating system, substituting your token for <your-token>.

Add repository and install PGD CLI on Debian or Ubuntu

curl -1sLf '<your-token>/postgres_distributed/' | sudo -E bash
sudo apt-get install edb-pgd5-cli

Add repository and install PGD CLI on RHEL, Rocky, AlmaLinux, or Oracle Linux

curl -1sLf '<your-token>/postgres_distributed/' | sudo -E bash
sudo yum install edb-pgd5-cli

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