Differences with CloudNativePG v1

The EDB Postgres for Kubernetes operator is a fork based on CloudNativePG.

Despite both defining a customer resource called Cluster, they have two different API groups. As a result, they can co-exist in the same Kubernetes cluster. Specifically:

  • CloudNativePG uses the postgresql.cnpg.io/v1 API version
  • EDB Postgres for Kubernetes uses the postgresql.k8s.enterprisedb.io/v1 API version

Existing EDB customers with deployments of Cloud Native PostgreSQL might have noticed that the API group for version 1 has not changed with the introduction of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes.

As a general rule, all features available in the open source CloudNativePG are also available in EDB Postgres for Kubernetes - provided the correct API version is used.

Refer to the CloudNativePG documentation for detailed information on the available features.