Installing PostgreSQL with the Graphical Installation Wizard

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The graphical installation wizard provides a quick and easy way to install PostgreSQL on a Mac or Windows system. As the installation wizard’s easy-to-follow dialogs lead you through the installation process, specify information about your system. When the dialogs are complete, the setup wizard will perform an installation based on the selections made during the setup process.


If you are invoking the graphical installer to perform a system upgrade, the installer will preserve the configuration options specified during the previous installation.

When the PostgreSQL installation finishes, you will be offered the option to invoke the Stack Builder package manager. Stack Builder provides an easy-to-use graphical interface that downloads and installs applications, drivers and utilities and their dependencies. See Using Stack Builder for more information.

The graphical PostgreSQL installer is available on the EDB website.

The PostgreSQL installer is available on the EDB website.


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