EDB and Lenovo System x Powerplay

EDB and Lenovo System x Powerplay

Optimizing x86 price-performance with a low-cost database alternative to Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server

System x solution with open source–based EDB Postgres Advanced Server database from EDB

Realize enterprise security, availability, performance and manageability with EDB Postgres Advanced Server database on System x servers:

• Improve application/VM performance with three times more memory capacity
• Gain a solution stack cost advantage through the comparatively lower cost of the open source–based software, licensing and support versus traditional software
• Migrate Oracle applications easily with a convenient Postgres migration toolkit

New technology, innovative solutions and forward-thinking business and IT managers have propelled the data center forward as a contributor to long-term business and strategic value. As IT managers address the demands for greater performance, infrastructure upgrades and increasingly hard-to-attain results on smaller budgets, the data center environment has begun a transformation.

Realizing significant savings from open source–based solutions across the enterprise stack, IT managers are bringing such solutions into today’s data center. The result  is lower costs, additional savings that can be applied to new projects, higher performance and greater flexibility to structure the data ecosystem.

Download the Lenovo-EDB Solution Brief

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