EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery Reference Guide

This guide acts as a quick reference for BART subcommands and provides comprehensive examples of the following BART operations:

  • Performing a full backup of database servers

  • Performing a point-in-time recovery (PITR) on a remote PostgreSQL database server

  • Restoring an incremental backup

  • Restoring a database cluster with tablespaces

  • Evaluating, marking, and deleting backups and incremental backups

  • Configuring and operating local and remote database servers

For detailed information about BART subcommands and operations, see the EDB Postgres Backup and Recovery User Guide available at the EDB website.

The document is organized as follows:

  • See Subcommands to view information related to BART subcommands with examples.

  • See Examples to view BART operations examples.

  • See Sample BART System to view examples of both local and remote database server configuration and operation.