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Range: 0 to 100
When Advanced Server is initially installed, the edb_dynatune parameter is set in accordance with the selected usage of the host machine on which it was installed (i.e., development machine, mixed use machine, or dedicated server). For most purposes, there is no need for the database administrator to adjust the various configuration parameters in the postgresql.conf file in order to improve performance.
The edb_dynatune parameter can be set to any integer value between 0 and 100, inclusive. A value of 0, turns off the dynamic tuning feature thereby leaving the database server resource usage totally under the control of the other configuration parameters in the postgresql.conf file.
Once a value of edb_dynatune is selected, database server performance can be further fine-tuned by adjusting the other configuration parameters in the postgresql.conf file. Any adjusted setting overrides the corresponding value chosen by edb_dynatune. You can change the value of a parameter by un-commenting the configuration parameter, specifying the desired value, and restarting the database server.
Range: {oltp | reporting | mixed}
oltp. Recommended when the database server is processing heavy online transaction processing workloads.
reporting. Recommended for database servers used for heavy data reporting.
mixed. Recommended for servers that provide a mix of transaction processing and data reporting.
Range: {true | false}
Enables or disables Infinite Cache. If edb_enable_icache is set to on, Infinite Cache is enabled; if the parameter is set to off, Infinite Cache is disabled.
If you set edb_enable_icache to on, you must also specify a list of cache servers by setting the edb_icache_servers parameter.
Range: n/a
The edb_icache_servers parameter specifies a list of one or more servers with active edb-icache daemons. edb_icache_servers is a string value that takes the form of a comma-separated list of hostname:port pairs. You can specify each pair in any of the following forms:
You can dynamically modify the Infinite Cache server nodes. To change the Infinite Cache server configuration, use the edb_icache_servers parameter in the postgresql.conf file to perform the following:
After updating the edb_icache_servers parameter in the postgresql.conf file, you must reload the configuration parameters for the changes to take effect.
Range: 0 to 9
The edb_icache_compression_level parameter controls the compression level that is applied to each page before storing it in the distributed Infinite Cache.
When Advanced Server reads data from disk, it typically reads the data in 8kB increments. If edb_icache_compression_level is set to 0, each time Advanced Server sends an 8kB page to the Infinite Cache server that page is stored (uncompressed) in 8kB of cache memory. If the edb_icache_compression_level parameter is set to 9, Advanced Server applies the maximum compression possible before sending it to the Infinite Cache server, so a page that previously took 8kB of cached memory might take 2kB of cached memory. Exact compression numbers are difficult to predict, as they are dependent on the nature of the data on each page.
Range: 0 to 65536
This parameter controls the maximum number of resource groups that can be used simultaneously by EDB Resource Manager. More resource groups can be created than the value specified by edb_max_resource_groups, however, the number of resource groups in active use by processes in these groups cannot exceed this value.
Parameter edb_max_resource_groups should be set comfortably larger than the number of groups you expect to maintain so as not to run out.
Range: n/a
Set the edb_resource_group parameter to the name of the resource group to which the current session is to be controlled by EDB Resource Manager according to the group’s resource type settings.

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