Using the Ark DBA Tab

The DBA tab displays views that contain information about current clusters and cluster creation history. The tab is accessible only to administrative users.

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The Ark DBA tab

Use the Choose table/view drop down listbox to select a view.

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The table/view listbox

When the view opens, click a column heading to sort the view by the contents of the column; click a second time to reverse the sort order. Use the Refresh button to update the contents of the view.

Accessing User Information

Use the user information links in the lower-left corner of the DBA tab to download a comma-delimited list of users and user information.

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The Contact information links

The file contains the information provided on the User tab of the Ark console by each user:

  • The user identifier.
  • The default email address of the user.
  • The first name of the user.
  • The last name of the user.
  • The status of the user account (TRUE if enabled, FALSE if disabled).
  • The company name with which the user is associated.

Select a link to download user information:

  • Click Contact information for enabled users to download a file that contains only those users that are currently enabled.
  • Click Contact information for all users to download a file that contains user information of all users (enabled and disabled).