What’s New

The following features have been added to the EDB Ark user console for this release.

  • Ark now supports EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL version 12 database clusters.
  • EnterpriseDB has introduced a new RPM repository structure that combines the contents of the previous three repositories into a single repository. The new structure is supported by Ark. For information about connecting to the repository, visit https://info.enterprisedb.com/rs/069-ALB-339/images/Repository%20Access%2004-09-2019.pdf.
  • Ark now provides extended support for multi-region features (including manual promotion and API support).
  • You can use the Promote option (located on a cluster’s context menu in the Details panel) to replace the master node with a standby node. For more information, see the EDB Postgres Ark Getting Started Guide.
  • The /templates and /templates/id resources now support the region property.
  • Support for Amazon r4.* and r5.8x instance types has been reinstated.


Cloning, Recovering, or Scaling Encrypted Clusters from Previous Versions

Encrypted clusters created with Ark 3.3 or prior may not be used to clone, recover, or scale to a machine type that is not supported by that earlier version. If you will be moving encrypted clusters created with Ark version 3.3 or prior to a new machine type (as supported by Ark 3.4 or 3.5), you will need to:

  1. Clone the encrypted cluster to a new, unencrypted cluster.
  2. Upgrade the Ark console on which the cluster resides.
  3. Clone the unencrypted cluster to a new encrypted cluster of the new machine type.

For detailed information about cloning a cluster, see the EDB Postgres Ark Getting Started Guide.

Cloning with a Template from a Foreign Region

You cannot use a template when cloning from a foreign region.

Monitoring a Federated Console with PEM

Ark does not support federated consoles configured in local PEM server mode.

Federating Consoles that host clusters with the Same Name

If you are upgrading to version 3.4 or 3.5, and plan to federate existing Ark version 3.3 consoles that host clusters with the same name, you must first create a clone of one of the clusters specifying an alternate name; federated consoles cannot be used to host clusters with the same name. For example, if you plan to federate two consoles that both contain a cluster named acctg, you should clone one of the clusters specifying an alternate name for the cluster (i.e. acctg-west). Then, you can federate the consoles; both consoles will have access to acctg and acctg-west.