EDB™ Postgres Containers Operator guide

This document contains information on how to install and use the EDB Postgres Operator for deploying EDB containers in the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environment. When implementing the Operator functionality, following components are used:

  • EPAS Operator container:

    containers.enterprisedb.com/edb/epas-operator: v1.0

  • EPAS Operator API Server container:


  • EPAS Operator CLI Tool (Linux):


The Operator is installed as a single pod that includes the Operator and API Server containers. Once the Operator is installed, end users can use the Operator CLI tool (epasctl) to deploy and manage EDB containers in their respective namespaces.

Two user roles are defined for deploying EDB Containers using Operators:

  • Administrator: Responsible for installing the Operator with the appropriate system resources.
  • End User: Uses the functions provided by Operator via the CLI tool.