What’s New

The following features have been added to create Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.12:

  • Improved BART Integration- The following capabilities have been added to enhance the integration of BART with PEM:

    • PEM 7.12 provides an option to create SSH certificates to allow passwordless authentication for backup and restore operations. You can enable passwordless SSH authentication from the database server’s Properties dialog or from the Backup Restore dialog.

    • You can now set or override the archive_command of the database server’s configuration by providing inputs in the database server’s Properties dialog.

  • Accessibility Improvements- Attributes have been added to provide an invisible label to the UI elements where a text label cannot be used.

  • Dark Theme (Beta)- You can now choose to use the dark theme while accessing the PEM console. In the following cases, the dark theme does not work in PEM console:

    • Background of the pie charts under monitoring dashboards.

    • All the reports generated for Capacity Manager, Log Analysis Expert, Postgres Expert, Tuning Wizard etc.