PEM Agent Properties

The PEM Agent Properties dialog provides information about the PEM agent from which the dialog was opened; to open the dialog, right-click on an agent name in the PEM client tree control, and select Properties from the context menu.

PEM agent properties
  • The Description field displays a modifiable description of the PEM agent. This description is displayed in the tree control of the PEM client.
  • You can use groups to organize your servers and agents in the PEM client tree control. Use the Group drop-down listbox to select the group in which the agent will be displayed.
  • Use the Team field to specify the name of the group role that should be able to access servers monitored by the agent; the servers monitored by this agent will be displayed in the PEM client tree control to connected team members. Please note that this is a convenience feature. The Team field does not provide true isolation, and should not be used for security purposes.
  • The Heartbeat interval fields displays the length of time that will elapse between reports from the PEM agent to the PEM server. Use the selectors next to the Minutes or Seconds fields to modify the interval.