Creating an Ark Server Image

A server image definition describes the virtual machine that will host an instance of Advanced Server or PostgreSQL. To create a new server image, right-click on the Server Images node, and select Create, then Server Image….

ARK create server image

ARK Create Server Image

Use fields on the Create - Server Image dialog to describe the server:

  • Use the Server ID field to provide an identifier for the server image. The Server ID must be unique, and may not be modified after saving the server image.
  • Use the Server description field to provide a description of the server image.
  • Use the Image ID field to provide the Image ID of the server image.
  • Use the Initial user field to provide the name of the default operating system user. This user must have sudo root privileges to perform the initial provisioning of software on the node.
  • Use the System type field drop-down listbox to select the operating system type of the server; select CentOS or RHEL.
  • Set the Statically provisioned? slider to Yes to indicate that the server is statically provisioned. A statically provisioned server is a pre-installed image that contains the software required to create a database cluster.

Deleting a Server Image

To delete a server image, right-click on the image name in the PEM browser tree control, and select Delete/Drop from the context menu. The PEM server will prompt you to confirm that you wish to delete the sesrver image. Please note that you cannot remove a server image that is currently in use by an engine; before deleting the server, you must delete any dependent engines.