Adding an Ark User

If allowed by the authentication model supported by your console, you can use the PEM web interface to define an Ark console user. For more information about authentication models supported by Ark, please consult the EDB Postgres Ark Administrative User’s Guide, available via the server’s Dashboard tab.

To define a new user, right-click on the Users node and select Create, then User… from the context menu.

ARK create user general tab

ARK - Create User dialog - General tab

Use fields on the General tab to provide information about the user:

  • Use the Login ID field to provide the identifier that will be provided when the user logs in to the Ark server.
  • Use the Email field to provide a notification email for the user.
  • Use the First name field to provide the user’s first name.
  • Use the Last name field to provide the user’s last name.
  • Set the Enabled slider to Yes to indicate that the user account is active, and to allow the user to login.
  • Set the Admin slider to Yes to specify that the uesr will have administrative access to the Ark console.
  • Set the Templates only slider to Yes to require the user to use a template when defining a new cluster.
  • Use the Password field to provide a password for the user.
  • Use the Confirm password field to confirm the spelling of the user’s password.
ARK create user information

ARK - Create User dialog - Information tab

The Info tab provides information about console usage by the selected user:

  • The Created field displays the date and time that the user account was created.
  • The Last login field displays the date and time of the most recent login by the user.
  • The Logins field displays a count of the number of logins by the user.
  • The Nodes field displays the number of nodes created by the user.

Deleting a User Account

To delete a user account, right-click on the name of a user, and select Delete/Drop from the context menu. PEM will prompt you to confirm that you wish to delete the user before the account is deleted.