SNMP Trap Details

Every SNMP trap send by PEM starts with oid ., Significance of each identifier in oid is as follow’s.

Identifier Meaning
1 ISO, ISO is the group that established the OID standard
3 org, Organization identification schemes registered according to ISO/IEC 6523-2
6 dod, United States Department of Defense (DoD)
1 internet, Communication will be via Internet/network
4 private, This is a device manufactured by a private entity (not goverment)
1 enterprise, The device manufacturer is classified as an enterprise
27645 PostgreSQL global development group
5444 pem

How OID’s are formed?

PEM’s SNMP trap has following oid format<alert_target_level_identifier>.<alert_identifier>

Following table lists down possible values for <alert_target_level_identifier>.

Identifier Agent Target Level
1 Agent
2 Server
3 Database
4 Schema
5 Object (Table, Index, Sequence or Function)
6 Global

<alert_identifier> is unique identifier for each alert, which you can find in snmp_oid column of pem.alert_template table.

For example, snmp_oid for Agent Down alert template is 34, hence trapOID for agent down alert will be

How OID’s for binding variables are formed?

Every binding variable oid has following format<binding_variable_identifier>, where 7 is identifier for binding variable Following table lists down possible values for <binding_variable_identifier>

Identifier Variable Name
1 alertName
2 agentID
3 serverID
4 agentName
5 serverName
6 databaseName
7 schemaName
8 objectName
9 thresholdvalue
10 previousValue
11 value
12 previousStatus
13 status
14 recordedTime
15 downObjects
16 detailedInformation

For example, is oid for binding variable alertName.

Details of each snmp traps in pem.snmp_spool table. For example,

pem=# select * from  pem.snmp_spool;
-[ RECORD 1 ]----+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
id               | 1
trap_oid         | .
enterprise_oid   | .
trap_version     | 2
varbinding_oid   | .|.|.|.|.|.|.|.|.
varbinding_value | Agent Down||Postgres Enterprise Manager Host|{0.1,0.2,0.3}|0|1|CLEAR|HIGH|2020-06-22 15:51:03.266437+10
sent_status      | s
recorded_time    | 22-JUN-20 15:51:03.266437 +10:00