Ark Management Features

Postgres Enterprise Manager™ offers a number of additional enterprise management features that will assist you in managing, analyzing, streamlining, and deploying Postgres functionality in an EDB Ark cluster. After creating a console at your service provider, you can register an Ark console for monitoring and management by the PEM server. For more information, see:

The Ark console’s deployment options are available on the Installation Options dialog. For more information, see:

A server definition describes the virtual machine that will host an instance of Advanced Server or PostgreSQL. The server image is referenced by a database engine definition. For more information, see:

An engine definition pairs a Postgres server type with the server image on which it will reside. For more information, see:

The engine definition can include details about a RHEL subscription; the subscription will be used when clusters are deployed that use the engine definition. For more information, see:

A template contains a predefined set of options that determine the configuration of a cluster. A template can simplify creation of clusters that use a common configuration, or limit user access to costly resources such as large server classes. For more information, see:

Depending on your host type and configuration, you can use PEM dialogs to add, modify, or delete a user account. For more information, see:

PEM dialogs allow you to create, modify, and manage server clusters. For more information about the options available, see: