PEM v7.15

Release date: 2020-07-22


PEM-2457 - Added support for schema level restriction. [Support Ticket #883404]
PEM-2540 - Added capability to monitor the xLogReceive parameter set by EFM
PEM-3432 - Added support to monitor PG/EPAS 13
PEM-3445 - Support new configurations of BART (‘archive_path’, ‘bart_socket_directory’) in PEM [Support Ticket #1015972]
PEM-3446 - Document SNMP trap oid detailed information used by PEM [Support Ticket #900679]
PEM-3482 - Improve the performance diagnostics tool to show CPU usage for the active sessions along with the wait events for better performance analysis
Issue #5452 - Added connected PEM user and connection name in the log file.
Issue #5468 - Added option to ignore the whitespaces while comparing objects in schema diff.
Issue #5500 - Added server group name while selecting servers in schema diff.
Issue #5516 - Added support of Row Security Policies.
Issue #5576 - Improve error messaging if the storage and log directories cannot be created.
Issue #5601 - Added RLS Policy support in Schema Diff.
Issue #5622 - Added support for permissive/restricted policy type while creating RLS Policy.


Issue #5325 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Collations.
Issue #5326 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Domain and Domain Constraints.
Issue #5329 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for FTS Configuration, FTS Parser, FTS Dictionaries, and FTS Template.
Issue #5333 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Indexes.
Issue #5334 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for the Rules module.
Issue #5335 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Triggers and Compound Triggers.
Issue #5455 - Refactor PEM entrypoint python file so it can be imported and is a lot more readable.
Issue #5493 - Search object UI improvements.
Issue #5581 - Documentation of Row Level Security Policies.

Bug fixes

PEM-699 - “Long running queries” alert should not log autovacuum queries. [Support Ticket #679920]
PEM-3349 - pemworker register server help option should show the agent configuration directory path. [Support Ticket #1001212]
PEM-1508 - Documented about calculation of shared system memory and removed it from capacity manager metrics as is always constant. [809378]
PEM-3322 - Documented about system jobs and their default schedules. [990553]
PEM-3436 - Updated all the alert templates queries which show negative values and improve the performance while fetching the data from history tables. [992418]
PEM-2490 - Supported Platforms and Versions link is added to Software prerequisites section in Installation guides. [Support Ticket #885334]
PEM-3490 - Removed send_email from POST/PUT payload and added validation for all_low_alert_enable/high_low_alert_enable/med_low_alert_enable/low_alert_enable for their respective email group id. [Support Ticket #1005781]
Issue #3591 - Ensure that the query tool should display the proper error message while terminating the active session.
Issue #3669 - Ensure that proper error should be displayed for the deleted node.
Issue #3694 - Gracefully informed the user that the database is already connected when they click on “Connect Database…”.
Issue #3787 - Disabled the Stop process button after clicking it and added a message ‘Terminating the process…’ to notify the user.
Issue #3814 - Fixed issue of error message not getting displayed when filename is empty for backup, restore, and import/export.
Issue #3851 - Add proper indentation to the code while generating functions, procedures, and trigger functions.
Issue #4033 - Fixed an issue where clicking on the cross button of the alert box on the login page is not working.
Issue #4099 - Fixed the SQL help issue for EDB Postgres Advanced Server.
Issue #4223 - Ensure that maintenance jobs should be worked properly for indexes under a materialized view.
Issue #4226 - Fixed an issue where select all checkbox only selects the first 50 tables.
Issue #4235 - Fixed tab indent issue on a selection of lines is deleting the content when ‘use spaces == true’ in the preferences.
Issue #4840 - Ensure that ‘With OID’ option should be disabled while taking backup of database server version 12 and above.
Issue #5001 - Fixed invalid literal issue when removing the connection limit for the existing role.
Issue #5287 - Fixed dark theme-related CSS and modify the color codes.
Issue #5398 - Fixed generated SQL issue for auto vacuum options.
Issue #5416 - Ensure that the query tool panel gets closed when clicking on the ‘Don’t Save’ button.
Issue #5422 - Ensure that the dependencies tab shows correct information for Synonyms.
Issue #5434 - Fixed an issue where the newly added table is not alphabetically added to the tree.
Issue #5440 - Fixed list sorting issue in the schema diff tool.
Issue #5449 - Fixed an issue while comparing the two identical schemas using the schema diff tool.
Issue #5450 - Fixed an issue when renaming the column not added in the proper order.
Issue #5463 - Fixed an issue where CSV download quotes numeric columns.
Issue #5465 - Fixed an issue where the Edge browser version is showing wrong and warning message gets displayed.
Issue #5470 - Fixed backgrid row hover issue where on hover background color is set for edit and delete cell only.
Issue #5481 - Fixed data truncation issue when updating the data of type character with length.
Issue #5492 - Fixed an issue where the search object is unable to locate inherited tables and constraint filters are not working.
Issue #5496 - Fixed an issue where clicking on Select All button, not selecting all the options in pgAgent job scheduler.
Issue #5507 - Fixed connection and version number detection issue when the database server is upgraded.
Issue #5539 - Fixed typo in exception keyword.
Issue #5584 - Fixed an issue where two identical tables showing different by schema diff tool.
Issue #5620 - Fixed an issue while creating RLS Policy with the name having space.
Issue #5621 - Remove extra brackets from reverse engineering SQL of RLS Policy.
Issue #5629 - Fixed an issue where the user is able to edit properties when some of the collection nodes are selected.
Issue #5631 - Fixed ‘cant execute empty query’ issue when remove the value of ‘USING’ or ‘WITH CHECK’ option of RLS Policy.
Issue #5633 - Ensure that create RLS Policy menu should not be visible for catalog objects.
Issue #5647 - Fixed an issue where difference DDL is showing the wrong SQL when changing the policy owner.
Issue #5673 - Fixed an issue where fetching the schema throws an error if the database is not connected in Schema Diff.